Industrial grinders for reagent injection

The fineness and consistency of the grinding enables us to reach granulometry thresholds at the D90 outlet 10 microns < 35 microns at various flow rates ranging from 0.05 m3/h to 12 m3/h.

We also supply spare parts for industrial grinders:

  • grinding wheel
  • set of hammers
  • armour
  • grinding bearing
  • ventilator bearing

Sulphur dioxide and other pollutants (mercury, fine particles, hydrogen chloride, etc.) are treated by injecting slaked lime or sodium bicarbonate directly into the flue gas.

Sodium bicarbonate is a reagent used for the treatment of incineration fumes. The advantages of this absorbent lie in its high reactivity and low residue production.

Sodium bicarbonate is crushed and then pulverised to treat fumes from waste loaded with heavy metals.

The granulometry has a direct impact on the efficiency of the treatment. Indeed, the exchange surface of the reagent (sodium bicarbonate, activated carbon, quicklime) must be as high as possible.

The particle size distribution of the injected material (SPAN) has a direct impact on the mass quantity to be injected. The grinding operation avoids potential problems of agglomeration of the grinded material and blockage of the injection line.

The installation integrates a volumetric dosing system, from a big bag of bicarbonate or a storage silo depending on the facility.

A ventilator ensures the transfer of the ground bicarbonate directly into the silo of the incineration fumes.

SCCM ALP through ALP PROCESS has carried out more than 100 grinders installations on French sites.

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