Steel Melting Plants Fumes

SCCM ALP is specialized in the design, manufacture and follow-up of mechanical cooling equipment. It is also an expert in industrial engineering, integratation and installation of turnkey solutions for industrial fume filtration, powder dosing and transport.

SCCM ALP designs and manufactures its equipment with the notion of durability. Steel in particular is a 100% recyclable material. Since their beginnings, both companies have been committed to working according to sustainable strategies.

SCCM ALP offers products that significantly reduce the toxic emissions contained in the fumes thanks to its fume filtration and dust collection systems.

In the heart of the Alps and close to its main customers since 1931, SCCM ALP has constantly innovated and improved its design and production tools to integrate more and more added value for its European customers in the intense competition that is globalization.


DUST AND REMOVING ELEMENTS electric arc furnace

ladle furnace lifting gears

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