Turnkey Project

Turnkey Engineering Project

SCCM ALP offers to its customers who wish it the realization of turnkey projects by taking charge of the various stages.

  • The studies and the design of the project
  • Support for project management and representation of the MOA at the various stages of the cycle (calls for tenders, breakdown of the project into lots, etc.).
  • Monitoring the supply of materials on the site
  • The management of all documents for the smooth running of the construction site
  • Assistance to the project owner in the acceptance of the various components of the work, so that he can obtain a complete work.


SCCM ALP‘s services can also be modulated according to predefined steps depending on needs and resources.

  • Preliminary design / Process definition
  • Studies / Plans
  • New installation design
  • Turnkey installation delivery
  • Expertise for decision-makers
  • Test Laboratory
  • Modernization of the existing
  • Manufacturing line automation
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance of the installations

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