Engineering & Design

SCCM ALP provides technical solutions to the steel industry, in particular for the capture and cooling of fumes resulting from the melting of steel for electric arc furnaces and secondary metallurgical furnaces.

The engineering office and our manufacturing workshop are located on the same site in Cognin (France), so that we can control all operations and ensure a high level of quality at all stages.

Our 90 years of experience allows us to provide high value-added solutions for our customers, which result in operational efficiencies, while starting from the customer’s existing structure and water circuit in order to minimise modifications and investment.

Our state-of-the-art design allows us to build solutions using 3D modelling, CAD (Computer Aided Design) simulation of flue gas systems, including secondary emission control.

The different design software we use are :

  • SolidWorks Simulation (stress analysis with mechanical and thermal loading)
  • CFX (fluid flow with consideration of heat transfer in fluids and solids)
  • ANSYS(stress analysis with mechanical and thermal loading (from CFX calculation))
  • AutoCAD

We also use software that allows us to calculate the complete water flow distribution of the upper part of the furnace, the furnace roof and the water-cooled gas exhaust systems. Based on the input values, we calculate all relevant data for the off-gases generated during all furnace operations to ensure the best performance.

We are also able to model the heat removal by water circulation, so that we can ensure the durability of our equipment from the design stage.

We can also design and deliver complete “4th hole” cooling and dust removal systems combining cooled elements and dry ducting as well as the sizing and supply of the fume exhaust ventilation.

We carry out a site survey to inspect the existing emission control system. During the inspection, we measure the actual gas flows, the corresponding gas temperatures and the static pressure at several locations, taking into account the different operating processes of the arc furnace. In close cooperation with our customer, we discuss the best and most economical solution.

Finally, we offer the service of on-site installation, which makes our overall approach “turnkey project“.

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