Who are we ?

A European designer-manufacturer of solutions for the treatment of industrial fumes, transport, storage and dosing of powders.

SCCM ALP is the merger of two experienced Savoyard companies: SCCM (established in 1931 – Chambéry metallurgical boiler-making company) and ALP PROCESS (established in 1976).

With SCCM robust focus in the design, manufacture and monitoring of water cooled equipment and turned  to water-cooled elements such as water-cooled ducts, water-cooled hoods and water-cooled afterburner chambers.

ALP expertise in industrial engineering, integrator, installer of turnkey solutions for industrial fume filtration and powder dosing and transport. We focused more on the treatment of incinerator flue gases and sludge treatment. Indeed, the powders used, such as lime, lignite coke and sodium bicarbonate, drastically reduce sulphur levels as well as hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid levels.

Our first merger took place in 2016, before forming a single entity in 2020.

Today we are SCCM ALP.  We design, research and manufacture “turnkey” solutions for industrial customers in the process industries. We are proud to have advanced over the years to design and develop innovative solutions to suit our global customers.

What drives us

The integration of sustainable development is a necessity for the industry as we move forward to  a circular, low-carbon and competitive economy.

We understand the challenges our industry faces and that is why we have created solutions within the capacity of our customers’ facilities, for efficiency and preservation of resources but also the safety of personnel and facilities in mind.

We are your local European partner to meet the demand for specialization and the move upmarket generated by intense global competition.

Our areas of excellence

At SCCM ALP, we believe the key pillars in providing the best solutions is due to our experienced and analysis of:

Our Values

We tailor support and logistics before, during and after the application of our solutions. SCCM ALP is situated in the industrial heart of Europe with close links to the international airports of Lyon and Geneva. Alternatively, SCCM ALP is less than a day’s road transport from most of its European clients and 3H30 from a major commercial port (Marseille). Our offices and our 2000m2 factory have been located since 1965 on an 8000 m2 site close to the centre of Chambery (France).
“Experience is the foundation of all our knowledge, and that’s where it first comes from.” (Locke). With more than 140 years of combined technical knowledge and client satisfaction, the numerous technical challenges resolved has allowed us to provide our clients with a unique panel of original solutions. With a design database of more than 10,000 unique models, we will design and manufacture the perfect product to meet your business need.
At SCCM ALP, we believe creativity is vital in designing our solutions and has been instrumental in our ability to be cutting edge in our industry. We present all stages of the process; from the moment we receive the client’s order through to completion and aftercare. It has made the company a player recognised for its quality and support. Our teams at SCCM ALP’s are always developing new and innovative products to meet our client’s needs.
Sustainable Solutions
With the technological innovations of SCCM ALP, the awareness of the concept of sustainability has been added. Sustainability has become an obligation in the transition towards a circular, low-carbon, safe and economically competitive economy. With sustainable solutions, we can future-proof your business to run cost-effectively in the already ever-changing industry.
Made In France
In France we call it “savoir-faire”. For almost a century, we are proud to offer our renowned service to our national and international clients. Woven into the fabric of industrial development of Europe and abroad, we are committed to delivering our unique product and services to meet your need.

Management System

The mission of the Executive Committee is to assist and guide the manager in his strategic choices and to monitor the proper management of the company.

Its composition:

  • Guillaume PASQUIER (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer)
  • Maud JONGMANS (Executive Assistant)
  • Jean-François GRIVEL (Technical Director)
  • Ricardo PINTO (Business Engineer)
  • Nicolas (Workshop Manager)

Quality System

SCCM ALP ensures the identification and traceability of all its operations, all its products, thanks to its ERP system EVERWIN V.23. Moreover, the company acts in compliance with major international and national procedures and certificate.

  • Pressure tests: for cooling installations by water circulation, we are equipped with a test bench which allows us to ensure a hydraulic test before shipment. It should be noted that we can also carry out this hydraulic test on site, as this bench is mobile.
  • Origin of materials: we guarantee a mainly European sourcing of materials.
  • Technical qualification: the operators qualified on site are certified in particular on the welding and control processes (Penetrant Testing Level 2 from our Workshop Manager).

SCCM ALP is also ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certified.


Experience & Knowledge

SCCM ALP capitalizes today on a wide field of expertise ranging from the design and manufacture of cooled equipment for industries using high-temperature processes to the capture of fumes generated by these processes, as well as the filtration and treatment of these fumes by dosing, transport and injection of reagents.

Jean-François GRIVEL – Technical Director