Flash Back N°1 SCCM ALP & Ariane

[A Christmas Tale: When SCCM ALP did one’s bit in the European conquest of space]

SCCM ALP has a history of almost 90 years in the steel manufacturing industry …. but not only!

🚀 Picked-up from our archives, in the mid-70s, when the company built a sealed thermal simulation tight chamber for hydrogen and liquid oxygen melting tests recreating the space conditions of the future ARIANE rocket project (European Spaceship program). This part was 12m long, 5m wide and high!

This period article from the “Dauphiné Libéré” (Regional Newspaper) also evokes the international dynamism of SCCM ALP, which at the time exported to Venezuela, Taiwan and the USSR.

More than ever, yesterday’s successes are our fundamentals to look forward to tomorrow with confidence and (re)conquer new horizons in 2021.


After more than 2 years of commitment and mobilization of the entire SCCM ALP team, our company has been ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certified since February 2, 2023. This recognition gives wings and positions our Savoyard SME internationally.
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