Ladle furnace: indispensable elements in the steel industry

SCCM ALP, with its 90 years of experience in the design and manufacture of elements for the steel and metallurgy sector, can meet your specific ladle requirements.

The ladle is the basic element allowing the transport of molten metal and holds a strategic place in the steel and metallurgical industry through its constant use. Consequently, its design and manufacture must be given maximum attention in view of its economic (productivity), technical and safety impacts.

SCCM ALP proposes today :

  • an economically competitive offer: for the identical renewal of your casting ladles according to your drawings, within a short period of time.
  • improved design: SCCM ALP also offers you improved ladle performance.

All this, thanks to its study capacity for the optimisation and lightening of 3D modelling based on :

  • Finite element studies and ANSYS STRUCTURAL post-processing according to different loading cases (taking into account temperatures)
  • Comparison of the stresses compared to the permissible stresses according to the AISE rules, and analysis of the deformations