Lamellar hooks: the catching elements of steel mills

Lamellar hooks are important in the field of ladle transport. The optimisation of their weight allows for an increase in the transported payload, and thus for productivity gains. The hooks can be made of different materials, they can be made of steel or titanium. The titanium hooks can lift more load than the steel ones while keeping the same dimensions. They can be used to lift ladles and store them until the steel cools down.

These hooks can be custom made. They are often single hooked, reinforced, to allow a higher load to be lifted and double hooked (cf : Read more). Our hooks are modelled in 3D and we perform finite element calculations to analyse which hooks would best serve the customer’s needs.


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After more than 2 years of commitment and mobilization of the entire SCCM ALP team, our company has been ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certified since February 2, 2023. This recognition gives wings and positions our Savoyard SME internationally.
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