The creation of SCCM ALP

While May 2020 symbolizes the return to work for many: the question of the “After” world has never been more present.
For us the “After” is built in the present! Proud to present you the new graphic entity of SCCM ALP, merger of SCCM and ALP PROCESS, 2 Savoyard companies with 140 years of cumulative experience that have been brought together from 2016.

SCCM ALP is today a European designer and manufacturer of tailor-made industrial solutions for cooling and filtration of industrial fumes. It is also an expert in the transport, dosing and storage of powders, for industrial sectors such as iron and steel, metallurgy, waste incineration, cement, sugar refineries, carbonisation etc.
A new logo to accompany this adventure, bearing the DNA of our 2 alpine companies, and our ambitions for a sustainable industrial future.


In the middle of the Alps and close to all our European customers since 1931, SCCM ALP has had to constantly innovate and improve its design and production tools to integrate more and more added value for its customers.
In addition to this technological but also economic requirement, the awareness of the notion of sustainability has been added. The latter has become an obligation in the transition towards a circular economy, more carbon-efficient, safe, while remaining economically competitive.

Finally, the beginning of 2020, unprecedented in its impact on the globalized world, will have been the revelation of tomorrow’s globalization, that of balance: still interconnected but necessarily more localized and balanced in its relationships.

A company is not only the people who make it up and its customers, but also all the people without whom we could not move forward: suppliers, economic partners, institutions, service providers, subcontractors, professional networks, etc..
We are happy to take part with you in the construction of the industrial future of our territories.