[Episode 1 : Presentation of the Team, Christophe]

We have decided to present you our Team in SCCM ALP. Let’s start with the first one, Christophe BARNABÉ one of our Project Manager. Christophe arrived in SCCM (previous name) in November 1995 !

We have asked him few questions to know more about him, what he does and what he finds interesting in his job.

Let’s start !



1 – What is your educational background ?

” I have been in  :

  • Year 11 with option TSA (Technology of Automated Systems)
  • Year 12 & 13 in Boilermaking
  • HND (BTS) in Boilermaking”



2 – What is your job at SCCM ALP?

“Missions of being a Project Manager are really diverse, these are the mains one :

  • Costing of tenders
  • Design and 2D/3D drawings
  • Procurement and subcontracting
  • Establishment and follow-up of manufacturing files”

3 – What characterises your position at SCCM ALP compared to an equivalent position in another company ?

” I would say, versatility ! Indeed, each Project Manager is assigned to a project from the costing stage to delivery. Already at the quotation stage, we sketch out the technical solutions to best estimate the costs and anticipate any technical constraints. We therefore follow the project from ‘A’ to ‘Z’, which is very rewarding!”


4 – What is your view on the company, on the team and what do you think is the strength of SCCM ALP ?

“We are celebrating the 90th anniversary of the company in 2021, but paradoxically the arrival of Guillaume PASQUIER, our new Director, has given the company a “fresh” look. He has brought a new vision of the market, with his experience, his contacts and new means. In our very competitive sector, I think that the strength of SCCM ALP is the support we give to our customers, the response to their needs and the advice we can provide.”


5 – What is the most significant project in your career, why?

“Without hesitation: the first tubular converter hood that we designed and produced in 2006 !
The customer trusted us with this new type of part: in fact, a prototype, but one that had to give immediate satisfaction and meet the expectations of the various players on the production site.

It was a team effort with Jean-François GRIVEL, our Technical Director, and the second project manager at the time who was also working on this project with me. But the team was also in the workshop: the boilermakers who were going to carry out this project took part in the various technical choices of assembly and production … their advice and experience were very beneficial.”

6 – What do you wish your colleagues for 2022?

“I won’t be very original, health above all !”


7 – Question subsidiaire … et sinon quelle est votre passion ou quel loisir affectionnez-vous ?

“I don’t have particular passions, but rather hobbies in several fields like skiing (downhill and cross-country). I do like as well mountian biking, road biking and also everything that regards DIY. For some years I have been interested in aviation, especially the French military aviation of the time of Mr. Marcel DASSAULT.”