Preventive maintenance, reduce your operating costs!

Corrective maintenance is carried out after a breakdown has been detected and is intended to restore an asset to its original condition. The costs of these interventions, often in emergency, can be exponential due to

  • Production breakdown
  • Emergency supply of spare parts if not available on site, higher purchase price.
  • Express delivery
  • Mobilisation of technicians for emergency intervention

Regular preventive maintenance is also a solution to reduce asset failure and ensure production continuity.

SCCM ALP supports you in this preventive approach through

  • carrying out an audit of your facilities
  • drawing up a maintenance contract adapted to your needs and objectives (definition of wearing parts and their replacement frequency)
After more than 2 years of commitment and mobilization of the entire SCCM ALP team, our company has been ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certified since February 2, 2023. This recognition gives wings and positions our Savoyard SME internationally.
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