On-site expertise

Our goal:

To ensure the safety, reliability and minimum cost of ownership of our customers’ equipment.

This, thanks to :

  • An attentive listening with field visits
  • A relevant analysis
  • A well-founded diagnosis
  • A specific design
  • Quality manufacturing
  • Pre-delivery tests
  • Commissioning assistance
  • A follow-up of the installations

The design of the product, perfectly adapted to your constraints, is the key to its lifespan over time. It is also the best return on investment for our customers. On request, our technicians will come on site to carry out measurements of the existing system using the appropriate equipment, then submit the data analysis and the proposal that best suits your needs and adapts to the existing.

Benefit from our expertise Contact-us

All the devices that we manufacture are tested on our test bench, which can be adjusted from 10 to 450 m3/h.

In this test:

  • we measure the speed of the water in each circuit…
  • we measure the overall pressure drop of the device

These measurements make it possible to check, before delivery, the absence of any design and manufacturing problems (water velocities and pressure drops in accordance with the calculations made).

Our test bench is mobile and easily transportable, allowing us to carry out this test on your existing equipment.

We can thus apprehend the conditions of water circulation within the same device or a group of devices. SCCM ALP gives you its recommendations for possible improvements and gives you the best advice in case of replacement.