Who are we ?

SCCM ALP is the result of the merger of two experienced Savoyard (French Alps) companies: SCCM (created in 1931 – Chambéry metallurgical boiler making company), specialized in the design, manufacture and follow-up of mechanical and thermal equipments + ALP PROCESS (created in 1976) specialized in industrial engineering, integrator, installer of turnkey solutions for industrial fume filtration and powder dosing and transport.

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SCCM ALP has developed over the years several expertises through its design office: design based on a detailed analysis of the customer process, and turnkey project management. The equipment that we study and build equipment for various industrial sectors (in particular steel industry and incinerators processes)…
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SCCM ALP also acts as a “manufacturing design office” for projects in various sectors. Indeed, our double competence of design office and manufacturer as well as our on-site visits guarantee a concrete approach of the problems and make us an appreciated interlocutor of end users, EPC and integrators.
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Turnkey Projects
SCCM ALP propose to its customer the realization of turnkey projects by taking charge of the various stages. From the study and design of the project to the final assistance, including project monitoring, project management support and …
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