Solids-handling control – Agribusiness Industry

Unloading sugar from the tanker trucks used to produce the drinks causes water hammer due to the configuration of the pipes. As a result, the melters (the tank where the sugar is melted) deteriorate strongly and rapidly, generating significant maintenance costs.

Suggested solutions : Sugar is supplied to the melters by pneumatic transport via the unloading dock. To carry out this operation, the customer uses the truck’s compressor. We identify that the truck compressor is not powerful enough in relation to the length of the pipelines to reach the compressor to the melter. This results in significant pressure drops (2 bars).

We, then :

  • dimensioned and installed a new external compressor (compressor power = 110kw) at the loading dock. We added an air speed control system (the truck’s compressor being used for tank pressurization only)
  • installed an independent electrical cabinet with an external control box
  • provided an injection box, in order to inject 20 tons/hour of product into the air circuit (air flow rate: 1600 m3/hour)
  • coordinated in the project phase and supervised on site all the external and internal participants by being the customer’s sole interlocutor.

Improvements noted : 

  • Decrease in maintenance costs: No more water hammering in pipes and melters
  • Productivity gain: Significant reduction in stripping time (stripping in less than 1 hour instead of 1h30)

The customer now wishes to duplicate the installation on his second unloading line.