SCCM ALP is specialized in the design, manufacture and follow-up of mechanical cooling equipment. It is also an expert in industrial engineering, integratation and installation of turnkey solutions for industrial fume filtration, powder dosing and transport.

SCCM and ALP PROCESS are experts in steelmaking and smoke filtration, with 140 years of combined experience. SCCM ALP strives to study and propose solutions to your problems as it has done through more than 10 000 studies and industrial achievements to its credit.

Creativity, rigour of the Engineering Department for the design and the experience of the production teams for the manufacturing have built SCCM ALP‘s reputation for quality. The experience in the complete management of turnkey projects allows the customer to have only one reference interlocutor, also allowing him to technically and economically dimension his projects.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone so that we can help you in your projects.