Design of a Post-combustion chambre

A steel mill called on us to make the post-combustion chamber of their 160-tonne direct current furnace more reliable and to reduce the cost of using it. The production losses due to the high frequency of maintenance shutdowns were too high a cost. Their problems were:
  • Corrosion in the lower part by condensation of corrosive elements on the surface of the pipes during transient phases.
  • High local thermal loads (around 400kW/m2)
  • Normal general wear and tear by erosion
  • High maintenance costs: limited lifetime of the part + long intervention time for panel changes
  • Water flow distribution not adapted to the thermal loads of the room
Suggested solutions:
  • Diagnosis of the existing system: Delta Water measurement campaign and water pressures in order to map thermal loads and water supply conditions.
  • Adapted design: thermal and hydraulic studies (SolidWorks software), increase in volume (+40%), new post-combustion chamber made up of 3 superimposable monobloc elements allowing easy assembly/disassembly. All circuits equipped with PT100 probes with connection box.
  • Complete supply of the post-combustion chamber with access gangways: adjusted manufacturing, passage to the test bench in our facilities.
  • Follow-up after commissioning: use of temperature recordings and test bench passage to check the reliability of the equipment.
Noted improvements:
  • Simplification of assembly operations
  • Much easier to carry out maintenance operations
  • Very sharp reduction in power trips on the furnace; previously due to alarms on water temperatures at the outlet of circuits
  • Better consideration of thermal loads
  • Significant reduction in downtime

The main characteristics are:

  • Parallelepiped shape with a hopper
  • Swivel sleeve
  • Two “pre-quench” water injection canes on the upper part of the machine
  • Afterburner volume of 144m3
  • Dimensions: depth 2768mm x width 4530mm x height 11462mm (excluding hopper)
After more than 2 years of commitment and mobilization of the entire SCCM ALP team, our company has been ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certified since February 2, 2023. This recognition gives wings and positions our Savoyard SME internationally.
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