Thanks to the number and the diversity of the problems that have been submitted to it since its creation, SCCM ALP has developed a a capacity of expertise, advice and training appreciated by its clients. More than 10,000 different plans and designs, all technologies combined, have been produced by its design office over the years!

SCCM ALP is specialized in the design, manufacture and follow-up of mechanical cooling equipment. It is also an expert in industrial engineering, integratation and installation of turnkey solutions for industrial fume filtration, powder dosing and transport.

SCCM ALP offers a follow-up with its customers to ensure the quality of its products. Our collaborators of the Engineering Department will come to your premises in order to carry out their calculations as well as to check that your products are the most suitable for you.

All the equipment produced undergoes normative tests (dimensional controls, material analysis… ) throughout the manufacturing process. A functional test is systematically carried out before the parts leave the factory.


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